4 men caught on camera stealing furniture from Harlem apartment building lobby


NEW YORK — Police are searching for four suspects who they say walked into a Harlem apartment building and stole […]

NEW YORK — Police are searching for four suspects who they say walked into a Harlem apartment building and stole lobby furniture.

As tenant Ashlee stood in the lobby of her building, she still couldn’t believe the lobby furniture was gone.

“Apparently some men came in the building and took all the furniture,” she said.

It was all caught on surveillance cameras. Police say around 2:30 Thursday morning, four men walked into a Lenox Avenue building called the Robeson. They appear to be on mission, one picking up the lobby chair and following another guy out the door. Then two others work on picking up the couch and they walk out with that, too.

Tenant Marilyn Harper was stunned by the footage as she watched the men casually carrying the items outside and across the street.

“They need to have 24-hour security in the building. It’s not right. It’s a nice, beautiful building,” she said.

A key code is required to enter the building, and police say there was no forced entry, so the question is how did they get that code?

“Apparently someone in here has given someone the code to get into our building, and it has now become a free-for-all for whoever wants to. Open season to steal,” Ashlee said.

Tenants say they have had packages stolen from the mailroom and claim the security guard who is supposed to be in the lobby isn’t there half of the time.

We asked the building super on site for answers, but he refused to talk.

Now, some are taking matters into their own hands.

“My family and I, we absolutely have a Ring camera so we can see everything that goes on in front of our door,” Ashlee said.

Whatever it takes to keep their families safe, at all costs.

“I’m born in Harlem, raised in Harlem, lived in Harlem my whole life, and it doesn’t feel good to live in what you think is a new secure building and not feel safe here,” Ashlee said.

We have made calls to the management company and have not heard back yet.

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