7 Dining Room Design Mistakes to Avoid Making, According to Designers


If you’re wondering whether your dining room is designer-approved, you’ll want to keep reading. The pros often notice a variety […]

If you’re wondering whether your dining room is designer-approved, you’ll want to keep reading. The pros often notice a variety of mistakes in this room of the home, pertaining to lighting choices, furniture size, and much more.

Below, they weigh in with seven issues they often encounter and provide tangible suggestions for what to do instead. Take a cue from these experts and in no time, your dining room will be absolutely glowing.

Choosing the Wrong Rug

Not just any rug will serve your dining room appropriately. When selecting a rug for the dining room, you’ll want to keep the room’s purpose top of mind and steer clear of anything that is too high pile, as this makes it difficult to slide chairs within the space, Elyse Petrella, the founder of Elyse Petrella Interiors, says.

She notes that it’s ideal to stick with rugs made from natural fibers such as wool, given that they’re easier to clean—the dining room is certainly prone to stains and spills, after all.

Designing Too Formal of a Space

It’s no secret that today’s dining rooms aren’t necessarily serving the same function they once did.

“Most of us want our homes to reflect a relaxed, laid back lifestyle,” Cara Fineman, the founder of DAG Design, says. “There is no reason that a dining room can’t be an extension of that casual lifestyle, rather than a formal space that only gets used during the holidays.”

As such, don’t shy away from creating a space that is more conducive to the way you actually live, the designer shares. For some, that may even mean saying skipping a traditional dining setup to allow the room to serve a different purpose.

Patricia Justice, the founder of Patricia Justice Designs, explains how she always assesses the use of the dining room depending on how the person lives. Justice says that some of her clients have even turned this room into a home office.

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CapturedNuance / Getty Images

Installing the Wrong Sized Light

Hannah Skaar, the founder of August Jane Interiors, says that she often sees instances in which the light hanging above a dining table is either too large or too small for the space.

“It’s all about the visual balance and ambiance in a dining room,” she says. Skaar explains how having too small of a light will prevent you from having a polished, cohesive look.

Picking Unflattering Lighting

On the note of lighting, take time to thoughtfully select fixtures that will flatter your guests, Rachel Rector, the founder of Chinotto House, says.

She avoids exposed filament bulbs and instead embraces soft lighting. In addition to hanging a fixture above the dining table, she will also install sconces, under cabinet lighting, and lamps, all of which are kept on a dimmer switch.

Using Too Tall of a Centerpiece

It’s important that your guests can see and interact with each other easily while sitting at the dining table, and too tall of a centerpiece may interfere with this.

“Keep dining room table decor low so that sight lines aren’t interrupted,” Lesley Myrick, the founder of Lesley Myrick Interior Design, says.

She recommends setting out a wide, shallow bowl or a cluster of unscented pillar candles on a tray. Leave the tall vase filled with branches for your sideboard, the designer adds.

<p>Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images</p>

Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images

Not Making a Statement

By no means should you be afraid to go bold in the dining room if that’s what you desire.

Myrick suggests having fun and experimenting with colors, patterns, and textures. Plus, she points out, a busy patterned rug is great for hiding stains in addition to filling the room with personality.

Adding Furniture That Isn’t to Scale

It’s always important to consider scale when furnishing any room of the house. In the dining room, steer clear of chairs that are overly heavy, according to Brittney Nelson, the founder of Brit Nelson Interiors.

“The dining table and chairs should make sense in your space with your family,” she says. Additionally, be mindful to not over-furnish your space. “People cram too many pieces of furniture in dining rooms, thereby making it too crowded,” Justice says.

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