All Of Gizelle Bryant’s Home Renovations Over The Years


It’s the ultimate home renovation, more than four years in the making. But is Hotel Gizelle any closer to finally […]

It’s the ultimate home renovation, more than four years in the making. But is Hotel Gizelle any closer to finally being completely finished? We might get that answer when Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Potomac premieres in November 2023.

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In October 2021, Gizelle Bryant said on an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that her home was “95 percent done.” She was also quick to respond to a viewer that her home is not becoming “another Chateau Shereé,” despite both she and The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Shereé Whitfield spending years on renovations. In October 2022, Gizelle again responded to a viewer question about the renovations on WWHL by saying, “My house is done.” But, as of August 2023, Gizelle is still adding some finishing touches to her dream home.

Gizelle first moved into the fixer-upper in March 2019 for about $900,000. At the time, Gizelle said she wanted to add another level.

“This might be like my forever home, so I wanna just take my time with it, do it in stages,” Gizelle told Robyn Dixon on the show back in July 2019.

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The Latest on Hotel Gizelle

Gizelle shared the renovation of her daughter Grace’s bedroom and bathroom on her Instagram at the end of August 2023, after Grace left for her freshman year at Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University.

“When I say re-do, I mean you gut the bathroom — which is what’s happening here,” Gizelle shared in the social media video. “It’s gonna be so beautiful — I got all this marble coming.”

But, it turns out Grace is not as thrilled as her mother about the renovation.

“Where are my things?” Grace asked in a comment on the video. “[You] know I have to come back right?”

Grace later added in another comment, “This is not needed.”

Gizelle Bryant’s Home Renovation

One of the first, and most notable changes to Gizelle’s home was the exterior. She showed off the before and after in this video, after painting the formerly red bricks white. The pillars on the front porch also transformed from brown to white, giving the home’s exterior a lighter look.

Another early transformation? The kitchen. Although it was previously full of red brick, Gizelle showed off the new, completely gutted, gleaming white kitchen in March 2020. It includes white cabinetry and walls, white stone countertops, and a marbled backsplash.

“There used to be a wall here,” Gizelle told Bravo during a home tour. “I knocked that thing right on down so I could expand the room and make a big, beautiful kitchen.

It also showcases white appliances, which not all RHOP fans loved. Andy told Gizelle a viewer was upset with her white refrigerator when she appeared on WWHL on August 2, 2020.

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“Listen, I love my white refrigerator because it goes with my white kitchen,” Gizelle responded. “I didn’t want to do stainless because I have kids, and they’re gonna mark it up all day long, and I didn’t feel like that. So, it’s white, and I like it.”

She also pointed out the new crystal chandelier.

“I love my chandelier!” Gizelle said. “Some people don’t like it — guess what? I don’t care. It’s mine. I love it.”

Gizelle’s infamous “West Wing” was finally finished by January 2021. Described as her own personal oasis, the wing includes her master bedroom and ensuite bathroom. The upstairs of the wing includes her glam room and closet.

She made several social media updates on the progress of the West Wing, including adding marble detailing in the bathroom (which took three to four months to arrive from Italy). The bathroom’s ceiling also features the house’s original beams.

“I absolutely love this bathroom,” Gizelle said. “I love my high ceilings. I love the fact that I kept some things that were original to the house.”

Gizelle later showed off her massive closet in April 2021, which features a stone island with jars of pink candy, and shelves full of luxury handbags and designer fashions.

The other Potomac housewives react to Hotel Gizelle

After taking a long break during the pandemic, Robyn Dixon stopped by Gizelle’s home on the July 18, 2021 episode of the show to check out the progress during Season 6.

“The West Wing interior is great,” Robyn said in her confessional. “The exterior is horrible, though. It literally looks like a house attached to a house. It doesn’t make sense.”

However, Robyn complimented the bathroom walls and tile while on the tour.

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One of the first glimpses the other housewives had into Gizelle’s dream home came during the show’s Sept. 26, 2021 episode. Deciding the ongoing construction at “Hotel Gizelle” wasn’t a problem, Gizelle and Robyn put together a tent outside of the home to hold a party to celebrate their new podcast Reasonably Shady.

“Gizelle has made a lot of progress on her house, I will say,” Ashley Darby said. “I can see the West Wing now. [It] wasn’t there before. But even still, there’s a long way to go.”

Mia Thorton was less than enthusiastic, saying, “Where am I? This is not Hotel Gizelle, okay? This is Motel Gizelle.”

Wendy Osefo was also confused, remarking “Where’s the rest of the house?”

Karen Huger was happy to not be invited inside the home, saying, “I was scared. I was afraid to go into the house. It didn’t look safe. It didn’t even have a front door.”

Karen changed her tune on Gizelle’s home on the show during Season 7, when Gizelle invited her over.

“You had work to do,” Karen said. “I’m glad to see it looks fierce.” She later added, “Love it all! You killed it.”

Still, Karen couldn’t help throwing a bit of shade during her confessional, when asked what she liked about the renovation.

“I love the chandelier at the front door,” Karen said, before sighing, and adding, “I want to say something nice about your house other than the chandelier.”

Despite the criticism from the ladies, Gizelle has been clear she’s happy with Hotel Gizelle, despite its challenges.

“This whole renovation has taken way longer than I thought,” Gizelle said in the show’s Sept. 26, 2021 episode. “But it’s okay.”

Get another look at Hotel Gizelle when Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Potomac premieres on Sunday, November 5 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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