Are Door-Less Showers Going To Be The Next Big Design Trend?


The first step is to design the shower to minimize splashing and you can do this by installing the showerhead in the direction facing away from the entrance and making the shower base spacious enough to avoid feeling like you’re too close to the wall. Note that you need a good amount of space for your shower to achieve this. If it’s too cramped, it may help to have a simple glass panel or half-door to strike a balance between having something to contain the water and maintaining that open feel. This is also useful if you need it to feel less exposed and bare.

Another way to make this work is to design your shower area like a wet room, making it able to withstand all the moisture no matter where it ends up. Choose water-resistant materials for the walls and hot mop the bathroom floor by installing a waterproof shower pan that protects it. A well-designed ventilation system is another thing that can help manage the moisture buildup and maintain proper air circulation.

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