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Hack My Home is the latest home renovation show to hit the small screen. Whether you’ve viewed all eight episodes of the first season on Netflix or you’re still considering whether it’s worth a watch, we’ve laid out all of the answers to your burning questions. From details about the cast to who pays for the renovations, here’s everything you need to know about the show.

What Is Hack My Home About?

In short, Hack My Home is all about maximizing functionality within a house’s footprint. It follows a team of experts as they renovate homes for families who need more space but aren’t ready to leave their current abode or don’t know how to upgrade it on their own. Each expert brings a necessary specialty to the team. Mikel Welch, a House Beautiful Next Waver, handles the design. Brooks Atwood is in charge of innovation, Ati Williams focuses on construction, and Jessica Banks leads engineering. Together, they turn overcrowded and underused spaces into hard-working interiors. Naturally, each transformation is packed with clever hacks, storage solutions, and multifunctional concepts.

Who Stars in the Show?

hack my home designers

Courtesy of Netflix

The team of experts on Hack My Home is made up of a talented bunch: Mikel Welch is no stranger to the world of design television. He’s found success on daytime shows with Steve Harvey and Drew Barrymore as well as on fan favorites like HGTV’s Trading Spaces and Quibi’s Murder House Flip. Now, his expertise lends itself to the creative concepts on Hack My Home.


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Architect and designer Brooks Atwood, who bears a striking resemblance to The White Lotus actor Bruno Gourey, has previously appeared in Shop Class on Disney+ and HGTV’s Design Star. He’s responsible for dreaming up innovative solutions, which are often custom features tied to the interests and needs of the families, for Hack My Home.

As a general contractor and the owner of Honeycomb Construction, Ati Williams considers herself your construction bestie—and that’s exactly the role she takes on in Hack My Home. The HGTV alum helps make multifunctional room layouts in small spaces a reality.

Jessica Banks, an engineer and roboticist, runs a company called RockPaperRobot. The business specializes in shape-shifting and connected furniture. She creates kinetic furniture for Hack My Home families that improves the way they live their everyday lives.

hack my home designers

Courtesy of Netflix

Where Was the Show Filmed?

Season one of Hack My Home features homes located in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Who Pays for the Renovations?

Since budgets aren’t discussed on the show, as they are with many popular home renovation shows, it’s a safe bet that the production and its partners pay for the home renovations. Think of it as an upgrade for a deserving family similar to the house transformations on Queer Eye, which are financed by Netflix and its partners.

Jen Chan, who was featured in episode two of season one, confirmed on Instagram that “they paid for everything including housing while we were out of the home.”

While she didn’t specify who exactly is the “they” who paid for everything (the show is produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, so it could have been them, or Netflix, or someone else altogether), it’s clear that the homeowners didn’t have to foot the bill.

hack my home hosts brooks atwood and ati williams from episode 106 of hack my home cr courtesy of netflix© 2023 netflix, inc

Courtesy of Netflix

How Do You Get on Hack My Home?

On Instagram, Chan also shared that they discovered the show through a post on a local Facebook page. She explained, “We just replied to a fb post on the eav neighborhood page asking if we felt we had outgrown our home. Then they replied back and we were interviewed… the rest unfolded from there…”

If you’re hoping to be a little more proactive in trying to get on the show, it likely wouldn’t hurt to reach out to 51 Minds Entertainment. The company posts open casting calls on its website and has a contact form there that anyone can fill out.

Will There Be a Hack My Home Season 2?

Netflix hasn’t yet renewed the show for a second season. Considering it debuted on July 7, there’s still hope that future seasons could get the green light!

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