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By Dean Hartley Every bathroom will eventually begin to age. Minor issues like a dripping faucet, a leaking toilet, a […]

By Dean Hartley

Every bathroom will eventually begin to age. Minor issues like a dripping faucet, a leaking toilet, a cracked tub or shower, broken floor tiles, or outdated, inefficient fixtures accumulate and require more frequent attention. The unmistakable signs of water damage begin to appear on the floor, walls, or ceiling. A space that should be a refuge instead becomes a source of stress.

Homeowners who find themselves in this situation respond in a variety of ways. Many of them delay a much-needed remodel because of the anticipated cost and potential inconvenience. Or they make small partial improvements, such as new hardware or painting the walls, that don’t address the underlying issues. In the meantime, however, the costs of repeated small repairs and old inefficient equipment add up, as does the stress.

Sometimes homeowners will opt for a DIY remodel. Unfortunately, few non-professionals possess the skills and equipment necessary for bath remodel projects. In too many cases, DIY projects quickly get out of hand. The results can range from a lingering, unfinished bathroom that is a source of greater stress than ever to a professional project that now costs more than it would have—and lasts longer.

Unique Opportunity

When homeowners find themselves wondering whether to continue making repairs or commit to a full remodel, plumbing contractors have a unique opportunity. The expertise and experience professionals bring to such circumstances can help residential customers understand all the options available and guide them to an informed decision that fits their needs and budget. By steering homeowners toward solutions that offer measurable value and long-lasting satisfaction, they can establish themselves as trusted experts and increase the opportunity for repeat business and referrals.

In order to help customers reach a truly informed decision, it’s important that contractors and their teams are aware of all the available options. In addition to the traditional choices, technology and innovative business insights are driving new solutions that can quickly and affordably transform a customer’s home—and are transforming the plumbing and bath remodeling industry.

With state-of-the-art materials and proprietary installation processes, a new generation of premium one-day bath remodel solutions has emerged. These solutions provide custom design and high-end features at a fraction of the cost of traditional bath remodeling. Intended to meet the needs of a range of customers, the leading new remodel solutions:

●     Offer greater and longer-lasting functionality, compared to cosmetic fixes

●     Can be completed in a single day

●     Are custom designed

●     Are easy to maintain

●     Are designed to last a lifetime

In addition to the consumer benefits, the top innovative one-day bath solutions offer an unprecedented advantage to contractors. Many small, independent contractors offer a variety of general services; bringing on a franchise service such as shower remodeling allows them to provide immediate expertise in a niche, growing market by building on what they already do well and leveraging proven franchise systems.

Franchise Systems

Launching new remodel services on its own would require a major investment from most small or independent plumbing companies. It would also involve significant financial risk. Implementing a franchise system based on cutting-edge, fast and affordable bath remodel solutions, on the other hand, can decrease the risk and streamline the process, greatly expanding the company’s growth potential. When the franchise service offered is as unique as a one-day custom bath remodel, the positive impact can be immediate.

Franchise systems are designed to help anyone quickly launch and operate a new business. Complementing an existing business with a franchise expedites the process, powering even greater opportunities for rapid growth. The resources and experience of an existing business combined with an innovative franchise system allow contractors to focus on execution and can shorten the amount of time it takes to get up and running successfully.

Repeatable sales systems are critical for success and growth in the plumbing and bath remodel industries, but those systems are hard to build. Franchise opportunities based on powerful new technology and ongoing support can help existing business owners diversify and accelerate growth.

As brand president of Five Star Bath Solutions, Dean Hartley directs franchise systems and processes to assist franchise owners in growing successful, profitable businesses. Dean brings over 15 years of experience in the one-day bathroom remodeling industry and a vast knowledge base to assist in building the Five Star Bath Solutions franchise system. Before joining Five Star Bath Solutions, he most recently held the position of vice president of sales and marketing with Design Imaging, where he supported dealers with sales and technical assistance.

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