FloorFound Offers Retailers An Easy On-Ramp To The Circular Furniture Market


The circular economy is a concept that’s gaining traction in the furniture industry. The traditional linear model of take-make-dispose is being replaced by a more sustainable approach that prioritizes reuse and recycling. However, for many retailers, getting started in the circular furniture market can be daunting. That’s where FloorFound comes in.

What is FloorFound?

FloorFound is a tech-enabled platform that helps retailers participate in the circular economy. The company offers a turnkey solution that makes it easy for retailers to sell their returned, discontinued, or overstocked furniture to customers who are looking for sustainable options.

How does FloorFound work?

Retailers can integrate the FloorFound platform into their existing e-commerce websites with just a few lines of code. Once integrated, FloorFound takes care of the rest. The platform manages inventory, shipping, and returns, so retailers can focus on what they do best – selling furniture.

Why is FloorFound important?

FloorFound offers a solution to a significant problem in the furniture industry. According to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, furniture is the least recycled item in households, with just 1% being recycled globally. This means that the vast majority of furniture ends up in landfills, where it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental problems.

By making it easy for retailers to participate in the circular economy, FloorFound is helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability. The platform also offers benefits to retailers themselves, such as increased revenue, improved customer loyalty, and enhanced brand reputation.

Who is FloorFound for?

FloorFound is ideal for retailers who are looking to enter the circular furniture market but don’t know where to start. The platform is also a good fit for retailers who are already selling sustainable furniture but want to expand their offerings.

In conclusion, FloorFound is an innovative solution that makes it easy for retailers to participate in the circular economy. By offering a turnkey platform that takes care of logistics and inventory management, FloorFound helps retailers sell their furniture in a more sustainable way. This benefits both the environment and retailers’ bottom lines, making FloorFound a win-win for all involved.

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