Hilary Farr Recommends Doing This If You Have A Bathroom Off Of The Dining Room


Beyond concealing the door to the bathroom from the dining room, Hilary Farr had another concern: the sounds coming from the bathroom. “It has to be fully insulated,” Farr says. “I’m serious. I mean, here you are, ‘Hey, how are you? Would you like a little bit more of this? How about some more cake?’ Woosh. The toilet flushes.” Farr has a point that the sounds coming from the bathroom can ruin the mood set in the dining room and even the appetites of the people eating there. Plus, people tend to want privacy when they’re using the facilities.

Essentially, if you have a bathroom off the dining room or another more public area of the home, you want to soundproof it. This provides privacy both in and out of the bathroom. Materials like soundproof insulation, fiberglass, or cotton batt inside the walls will help ensure sounds stay inside the bathroom and provide privacy from those in the dining room. As for effectively soundproofing the door, you can use seals on the edges and door sweeps on the bottom to help dampen noise that may find their way through those small cracks. These are the best options if you’re not going to purchase a thick or solid wood door, which is also a good option for soundproofing. Afterward, you want to ensure it works by flushing the toilet or speaking to see if you can hear from outside the bathroom.

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