Long-awaited Oklahoma City bridge runs into problem, more construction


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A long-awaited bridge that opened in Oklahoma City last month has run into a problem. In […]

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A long-awaited bridge that opened in Oklahoma City last month has run into a problem.

In June, News 4 covered the ribbon-cutting for the Pedestrian Bridge over the Northwest Expressway at MacArthur. Funding for the bridge dates way back to 2007 and construction started in 2021. 

After the recent opening, some residents are concerned seeing construction near the bridge.

Pedestrian Bridge construction. Image KFOR.
Pedestrian Bridge construction. Image KFOR.

“We don’t have any advertising space anymore and that was a big thing for us,” said Don Schrader, an assistant manager at CDR Electronics. “We thought about putting a giant gorilla up there but we’re not there yet.”

He says this new bridge construction has partially blocked the store’s visibility on a busy street and blocked one of their entrances temporarily.

“But we really feel like the way we do business, it will ultimately win out and it will overcome any obstructions that we’re having to deal with right now,” Schrader said. 

The city tells us it is working on a portion of the bridge that’s not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Those who live nearby say crossing this intersection without the bridge can be very dangerous, especially for those with disabilities.

“There was a disabled lady on a small scooter,” said Donald Annoh, who lives a couple of blocks away. “It was really risky for her.”

While work is underway to get the bridge up to code, it is still open. The city says it is safe to use – not stopping some that use it multiple times per day.

“I really don’t mind that it’s under construction still,” said Monty Hall, who crosses the bridge to get to work. “It still works for me.”

The city tells us they found the portion that was not ADA compliant in a post-construction inspection.

The contractor added the temporary shoring under the bridge as plans are developed to address that section.

Notices will be made if scheduled work will close the walkway.

Below is the full statement from a City of Oklahoma City employee:

“A post construction inspection of the walkway found that a section appeared to be out of ADA compliance. Further inspection by the contractor and engineer determined that temporary shoring be placed under the section until additional investigation could be completed. The engineer is completing the additional investigation, and plans are being developed to address section of walkway that is out of compliance. A timeline has not yet been determined for any additional work. The bridge and walkway will remain open, and notices will be made when work is scheduled that may require closure of the walkway.”

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