Pro-Handy Debuts in Singapore: Raising the Bar for Handyman Services


Singapore, Singapore, July 31, 2023 –(– Introducing Pro-Handy, an innovative handyman services company that is set to revolutionise home maintenance in […]

Singapore, Singapore, July 31, 2023 –(– Introducing Pro-Handy, an innovative handyman services company that is set to revolutionise home maintenance in Singapore. This forward-thinking enterprise has reimagined the handyman service experience, centering their offerings on professionalism, quality, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pro-Handy seeks to overhaul the Singaporean handyman services sector by providing an all-in-one solution for all household tasks, ranging from minor fixes to significant renovations. This approach amalgamates advanced technology and a highly skilled, dedicated team to cater to a wide range of home repair and maintenance requirements.

Ray, the founder of Pro-Handy, underscores the company’s aspiration to deliver dependable, premium handyman services. “Singapore residents can now relish a seamless service that melds traditional craftsmanship with contemporary convenience. Recognizing the essential role a handyman plays in preserving and enhancing a home’s comfort and value, Pro-Handy is steadfast in providing nothing short of excellence,” he said.

Among the myriad services offered by Pro-Handy, they particularly excel in kitchen cabinet repair. With an abundance of expertise at their disposal, Pro-Handy guarantees impeccable repair and restoration services, revitalizing customers’ treasured kitchen spaces. Every project, regardless of its size, receives meticulous attention to detail from Pro-Handy’s expert handymen, ensuring outcomes that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Pro-Handy delivers more than just repair services; they offer peace of mind. Each handyman in the Pro-Handy team is meticulously screened and has demonstrated experience and skill sets that ensure every task is executed to the highest standard.

Ray, the company’s founder, further shared his excitement about launching Pro-Handy in Singapore. “The belief that every homeowner deserves a trustworthy partner for their home maintenance and repair needs led to the creation of Pro-Handy. From kitchen cabinet repair to full-scale home renovations, our aim is to provide top-of-the-line handyman services that set new standards for quality and customer satisfaction,” he stated.

Clients can now enjoy the convenience, assurance, and peace of mind offered by Pro-Handy’s professional handyman services. To discover more about Pro-Handy and their comprehensive range of services, visit or get in touch with their customer service team.

About Pro-Handy:
Pro-Handy is a Singapore-based professional handyman services company. They offer a diverse range of services, from minor fixes to major home renovations, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern convenience for a seamless, high-quality experience for homeowners. For more information, visit

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