Renovation Alliance receives funding to rebuild homes for low-income older adults


ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Renovation Alliance received a $50,000 award from the Marion S. and Willie Z. Camp Fund for Elder Care through the Community Foundation serving Western Virginia.

“This grant is going to be used to repair at least six homes for adults over the age of 60, who live in some of our more underserved areas, and who are not able to afford a critical home repair,” said Director of Construction Garrett Robinson.

Those repairs could include roof replacements, HVAC work, and anything that falls under critical home repair.

Robinson said this funding will allow them to continue improving the quality of homes in the Roanoke area.

“..Folks are calling us and it’s 20 degrees outside and they have no ability to heat their home. Many of them, we go in and they’re using their gas oven to heat their house, which is a legitimate life safety issue. So having funds like this allows us to act and it allows us to act quickly,” explained Robinson.

The average household income served by the organization is under $23,000 with the cost of repairs averaging $5,000.

“Even right there just to complete unnecessary critical life safety, home repair is about a quarter of the yearly household income of a family. And so there’s just such a huge need,” said Robinson.

In 2023, the Renovation Alliance completed 209 repairs on 82 homes.

Robinson said they are always looking for people to help support the organization’s mission.

“There is always an outmatched demand for our services over than what we’re able capacity-wise to provide, both financially and even in terms of manpower,” stated Robinson.

Robinsons said they are sifting through homeowners’ applications and will begin their new project soon.

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