Take Your Bathroom From Builder-Grade To Custom-Made With TikTok’s Shiplap DIY


Depending on how large your bathroom is will determine how much shiplap you need. So, always measure the wall you will use to attach the shiplap to ensure you have the right amount before buying it. TikTok user @thegibbyhome used the backside of the shiplap with thin sections to give her bathroom a textured look, but you can use whichever side you prefer. Once you gather your materials, prep your bathroom by painting the non-accent walls with your color choice. While they’re drying, sand down the wood planks, then paint them. Painting them beforehand makes them easier to install behind the toilet so that you don’t have to remove it.

Next, attach each plank to the wall, starting from one end and working towards the other. Each plank has a tongue along the side that snaps into place with the plank’s groove next to it. However, secure the planks in place with your nail gun. Once you reach the end, you’ll need to remove the groove with your saw, or else it won’t slide into place with the adjacent wall in the way. Removing the groove allows you to push the plank into the wall. Then, you can nail the last plank into place. After you attach all your shiplap, touch up the holes with more paint, and you’re done. Now, you can install shelving and bathroom décor to finalize the interior.

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