The Next Big ‘Cocaine Decor’ Design Trend? Mirrored Furniture


By now you’re probably well-versed in the “cocaine decor” style of the late-70s and 80s which started re-emerging post-pandemic as […]

By now you’re probably well-versed in the “cocaine decor” style of the late-70s and 80s which started re-emerging post-pandemic as a sort of counterpoint to the oversaturation of homogenous mid-century modern design during the late-2010s. Why is that? Well, some trend experts have indicated that a “vibe shift” is afoot, and according to The Cut, “With the pandemic and climate change, our aesthetic and behavior are certainly shaped by a sense of doom.” What says “doom” better than an era defined by Reaganomics and hedonistic, cocaine-fueled nightlife? 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still big fans of Hans Wegner, Charles and Ray Eames, Vernor Patten, and all the mid-century modern legends, but we’re opening up our minds (and living spaces) to the influx of chrome and mirrored furniture that has been flooding our feeds during this Cocaine Decor revival. We won’t be tossing our walnut dresser or getting rid of our iconic Wassily Chair by Brutalist daddy, Marcel Breuer, but we will be adding a mirrored console table and metallic decor so there’s never a lack of shiny surfaces, on which to… uh, admire oneself. 

Even if you already lived through the 80s (and the thought of acrylic furniture and lucite details gives you the heebie-jeebies), there are still tons of different styles and aesthetics within the broader “Cocaine Decor” vibe to experiment with. Whether your style leans toward Art Deco or is purely modern-day, you can add touches of chrome and metallic sheen to your overly-beige apartment (without feeling like you’ve stepped out of a time machine). Here are a few of our favorite shiny, 80s-inspired accents from across the shopping spectrum.

Mirrored tables and furniture

The best thing about metallic and mirrored furniture is that it can actually blend in with a ton of different design styles. As counter-intuitive as it may seem that a shiny metallic piece of furniture would fade into the background, it’s true that mirrored surfaces tend to make a space feel bigger (shout out light-reflective surfaces). A mirrored console table will make a tight entryway feel much bigger, and mirrored pedestals make excellent end tables (and are an excellent way to make your flea market art look expensive).

$399.99$229.99 at Wayfair

$399.99$229.99 at Wayfair

$216$118.56 at Amazon

$47.99 at Amazon

$267 at Farfetch

Metallic lighting

You may even already have a sick chrome arc lamp, even without even realizing it was on-trend. There are a ton of great vintage options to be found on 1stDibs, but they can get pricey fast. We’re big fans of this rechargeable nightstand-friendly LED lamp that looks expensive, but costs less than $200 and can easily be moved from room to room. 

$228.43 at 1stDibs

$169 at Urban Outfitters

$195.72 at Amazon

Chromed-out and mirrored accessories

Not ready for a complete overhaul? Add some shiny accessories to get the chromed-out look without taking out an extra line of credit; you can go as little as adding some chrome bookends or metallic cocktail glasses to your shelves or as big as a melting disco-ball sculpture—the choice is yours. Besides, if there’s one thing Cocaine Decor lovers know, it’s that you’ll never know when you’re going to need a mirrored tray…

$299 at Chairish

$36 at Urban Outfitters

$36.99 at Amazon

$120 at Urban Outfitters

Do it yourself, king

Have an old shelf, coffee table, or white fridge that could use some sprucing up? You can basically turn anything you want into a disco ball with some peel-and-stick mirror tiles and chrome spray paint—you can even turn your living room into the dance studio from the 1985 classic Perfect.

$8.99$7.58 at Amazon

$14.99$13.37 at Amazon

$69.90 at Amazon

$96.99$82.99 at Wayfair

Now, we’re gonna party like it’s 1989.

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