Use Jenn Todryk’s Expert Advice To Break Up Builder-Grade White Cabinetry


If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, think about how you can follow Jenn Todryk’s lead and add additional cabinetry that is both decorative and useful. Common sense dictates doing this in higher cabinets or those in out-of-the-way spots since you don’t want to risk a knee bump breaking your glass. Discuss your cabinetry goals with your remodeling professional when you’re getting started for the best outcome.

Like the look of cabinets with glass doors but don’t plan on remodeling? You can still glean inspiration from Todryk and swap out solid upper doors or long doors for ones with glass. This option is called cabinet refacing and you can do it yourself by purchasing replacement doors and painting them to match your cabinets before switching them out. If that’s beyond your DIY skill set, or you like the look of frameless glass doors even more, you can hire a pro to do the job for you. Add baskets for storing items that tend to be messy looking and ceramic jars to hold essentials like cotton swabs and hair clips. Towels neatly rolled can also be displayed behind glass. It takes a bit of effort, but the visual result can be well worth the effort as Todryk found out.

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